Carden Middle School Maui



2018 8th Grade Video:

Alumnus Hannah Shipman visits as a
representative from Blue Planet....

Carden Middle School takes 1st Place at the Science Olympiad competition on Saturday 2/10/18.

Student Council Updates: 

Toy Drive 2017

Thank you to all who donated toys for the Maui United Way Toy Drive

Student Council Fundraising:

Thank you to all that baked and bought at our Fall Assembly Bake Sale. We raised over $1000 and were able to buy 20 water filters to distribute in Nicaragua. Each filter has a life of over 1 million gallons of water and serves 100 people per day.

President: Tamlyn 
Vice-President: Gage 
Treasurer: Eden 
Activity Committee Chair: Alexa 
Fundraising Committee Chair: Kathryn 
6th Grade Representatives: Daisy  & Tai 
7th Grade Representative: Desiree 
8th Grade Representative: Victoria


Parent Advice:

No technology after 9:00pm and before 8:00am